Project goal: Contributing to strengthening local communities in Adjara region, facilitation of cooperation among communities facing common challenges and implementation of joint projects.

Dates: 1.08.2017 - 31.01.2018

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation

Coverage area: 3 villages of mountainous Adjara with a limited experience of community engagement in public activism.

Target group: 800 community members in 3 villages of Keda municipality (Tskhemna, Zendidi, Khunkuda).

Partner organization: Independent Journalists’ House

Budget: $22950

Project activities:

  1. Establishment and capacity building of initiative groups in all targeted regions;
  2. Problem prioritization in targeted communities and identification of methodology for developing “village passports”;
  3. Implementation of initiatives developed by communities;
  4. Analysis of the process and preparation of recommendations for all relevant actors, including identification of positive and negative experiences.

For details of the project outcomes and results see (Available only in Georgian)