CLDN aims to promote democratic transformation process in Georgia by applying bottom up approach focusing on creating necessary capacity within local communities and authorities to actively engage citizens in decision making process and shaping policies affecting their lives. CLDN aims to achieve the goal by joining efforts and resources within the network and beyond, enhancing cooperation among civil society actors, and building bridges between state and non-state actors, including promoting public-private partnerships.

The main objectives are:

  • Promoting local democratic practices in Georgia and in the region;
  • Conducting research on issues related to promoting local democratic practices;
  • Facilitating dialogue among various groups involved in local development;
  • Raising public awareness on local democracy and facilitating civic engagement in public and political affairs;
  • Contributing to raising the capacity of community based organizations through enhancing their capacity in public outreach, transparency and accountability;
  • Promoting cooperation among community based organizations and facilitating partnership;
  • Providing expertize and support to community based organizations that are part of the CLDN network;
  • Introducing innovative approaches in local development and creating success stories for replication;
  • Raising awareness and mobilization of public opinion to promote local democracy and development.