Center of Local Democracy Network (CLDN) is a Tbilisi based not-for-profit organization established in 2011. CLDN was established following the initiative of independent experts and local civil society organization to create a joint platform for promoting the concepts of local democracy, civic participation and decentralization in the regions of Georgia. CLDN institutionalizes long term cooperation and partnership among various actors involved in enhancing the capacity of national and local self-government authorities, strengthening community members in urban and rural settlements all around Georgia and creating opportunities for fostering local development.

CLDN founders and board members are civil society activists engaged in development work since 90s with exceptional expertise and experience of consulting as well as managing nationwide and international projects. CLDN was established to serve as a focal point of the network joining civil society organizations and community based organizations involved in local development to facilitate cooperation and provide consultancy to all involved parties on issues related to decentralization, regional development and civil society development including:

  • Raising capacity of community organizations;
  • Promoting inter-municipality cooperation and public-private partnerships;
  • Facilitating engagement of ethnic minorities in decision making process on local level;
  • Researching and analyzing opportunities for rural development.