CLDN team members are civil society activists engaged in development work since 90s with diverse and exceptional expertise in various aspects of democratization, transformation and decentralization. They have advanced academic background in social sciences and hands on experience of managing, consulting and assessing nationwide and international projects.


Dr. David Losaberidze

Dr. Losaberidze has over 27 years of experience of working in the civil society sector. Hs fields of expertize include: issues of local self-governance, regional development, nationalism, civil society. Dr. Losaberidze is a member of several organizations. Since 2003 he is a Member (2003-2010 - Titular Member) of the Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government (Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, Council of Europe). Since 2013 he is the Chair of the Advisory Council for Local Government Reform and Regional Policy of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. Apart from the NGO activities Dr. Losaberidze is actively involved in academic sphere and has many years of working experience in Tbilisi State University, The Caucasus University (full professor) and the Institute of History and Ethnography as a research fellow and lecturer. He is the author of more than 80 works in history, political science, civil society, local government, regional development, and published over 120 newspaper articles. Has edited more than 50 monographs and co-authored concepts including:

  1. Conceptual Model of Territorial-Administrative Setting of Georgia and Separation of Administrative, Financial, Property and Juridical Rights among Different Levels of Authority, 2005;
  2. Concept of Territorial-Administrative Setting and Managing of Tbilisi - Capital of Georgia, 2005;
  3. Concept of New Edition of the Constitution of Georgia, 2010;
  4. Full Concept of System of Local-Government of Georgia, 2012;
  5. The basic principles of the strategy for decentralization and development of self-government for 2013-2014 of the Government of Georgia, 2013.

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Merab Tsindeliani

Mr. Tsindeliani has been involved in Georgian civil society work since late 90s. His field of expertise is focused on decentralization, local self-governance, local development, civic engagement and community mobilization. Throughout the last decade he has been participating, leading and consulting developmental interventions aiming at enhancing the capacity of local communities to actively engage in decision making process and equipping local authorities with necessary skills for effective public outreach. He has hands on experience of applying participatory approaches in promoting local development and facilitating public-private partnerships aimed at improving livelihoods of rural settlements. Mr Tsindeliani provides consultancy not only to civil society actors, but is engaged in facilitation of dialogue with state institutions. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Local Government Reform and Regional Policy of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

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Lia (Lika) Sanikidze

Ms Sanikidze is a development professional with over 15 years of working experience in various development projects focusing on human rights, promotion of democratic practices, civil society strengthening and public sector reform. She has an experience of designing, managing and consulting projects promoting cross border cooperation and networking in various fields of development in Georgia and the South Caucasus. Ms Sanikidze holds MA degree in Development Studies and has a profound understanding of political and social developments in countries in transition. Her professional as well as academic interests include development strategies, decentralization, public sector reform, civic education, security, and migration.

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