Project goal: Establishment of in-municipal structure for solid waste management

Dates: 10.29.2016 - 31.10.2017

Donor: Funding from Strengthening Institutional Frameworks for Local Governance Programme, 2015-2017.

Coverage area: Autonomous Republic of Adjara – 3 mountainous municipalities

Target group: Administration of Keda, Shuakhevii and Khulo municipalities, government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara

The lead: Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform, Directorate General of Democracy (DG II) and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (the Congress), Council of Europe

Budget:contributions from the members of experts’ group.

Project Activities:

  1. Signing memorandum of understanding between stakeholders;
  2. Pre-feasibility study of solid waste management in targeted municipalities;
  3. Public discussions among stakeholders around the findings of the study;
  4. Establishment of inter-municipality structure;
  5. Development of the strategy and action plan for solid waste management and its implementation.

For details of the project outcomes and results see